Banner Stands Help your Display Look Better

Banner Display Stands are great for shopping malls, tradeshows, and other indoor venues. Banners come in a variety of sizes so it only makes sense that the stands should come in a variety of sizes too.

Narrow banners are better suited to malls due to the high traffic, so stands with a smaller profile will work best for these types of banners. L-shaped stands support the poster from behind at the top and bottom of the frame. These smaller frames set up and break down quickly for your convenience. The whole set up can be stored away in its own traveling bag for safe keeping.

If you are participating in a tradeshow, you know how important the right sized banner is to the success of your booth. You may even want to get two banners: one for the traffic area to draw people to your booth and one at the booth to create a talking point with potential clients.

The one out in the traffic area can be tall and narrow so as to prevent obstructing traffic. But you can use display stands within the booth with a more elaborate banner that may have bullet points to discuss with clients. A wider sign with a telescopic stand will look good as a back wall for the booth as well as a supportive presentation for your product or service. The telescopic stand comes with two posts and sturdy footing at the base to prevent the banner from falling over. The banner is attached on four sides. The whole system is quick and easy to set up and take down and comes with a carrying case for easy transport from one tradeshow to another.

Whether you need a display for a shopping area or a tradeshow indoor banner stands are great for letting customers know about your sales, products and services. The banners create eye-catching ways to bring people in to ask questions and learn how they can get your product or service. The right banner stand that holds the sign straight and tall is just as important as the sign itself. The convenience factor of easy set up and breakdown and the sturdy storage bags just make it a smarter buy for low cost advertising that will last for years.

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New Theme

Today I changed to a new theme hope you all like it because I was getting tired of the old one. Hope you guys all like it. I am not too much of a tech savvy guy but with WordPress I can work magic. =)

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Display Easels For Marketing

Easy Displays

Display solutions can range from simple shelving to customized holders. Display easels are one of the best ways to display art work or signs. Display easels add a touch of class to any setting. There are many applications where art easels are the perfect method to display items.

Many businesses use a painting easel to display information. They are catchy useful items that draw attention to items that you want attention drawn to. You can announce your next sale! Tell people what is on the menu! Let people know about exciting new changes to your business and upcoming events!


Many restaurants place display easels at the front of the restaurant to announce specials on the menu. They can hold white boards or chalk boards to make it easy to change out the information that is displayed each day or evening. The options are only limited by your imagination!

One of the key reasons that a painting easel fits nicely into any décor is because they are at the customer’s eye level and the customer can gather information that is immediately useful without having to scan the room.

Restaurants and other venues use these display items to post signs, specials or general information. They can even be used to display art work to decorate your business.

Retail Stores

A newer trend in retail is to use a display easel to announce deals and sales. You usually will see them at the front entrance of the store or at the register. These eye catchers are hard to miss. They are a great way to convey information.

In today’s world shopping is done quickly so getting a customer’s attention with a flyer stuck to the register or in the window of the store does not quite cut it. People tend to ignore what is not right at eye level. Don’t make your customers search for information put it exactly where they can see it.

They are easily moved from one location to another without any issues. They are lightweight which is perfect for mobility and they can be folded up and easily stored when not in use! Plenty of businesses have already discovered how easy it is to share information using a simple easel!

Easels from Signworld US Inc

If you are in the market for a new easel for your business the best place to shop is You can choose from one of three options that are available. The options at are made from high quality materials that are durable and long lasting.

You can choose from wooden or aluminum easels that are easy to set up and easy to store. You can buy a great easel for under $50. This is a very affordable option that can help you get information out.

Advertising does not have to be complicated. It can be simple. Signworld US Inc has the display solutions that are cost effective and effective. Check out your options and let a painting easel do the talking for you.

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Wow, yesterday we picked close to 50 Mirlitons off the vines we grew in our backyard this year.

At this time I cannot reveal my recipe I am working on with these, but I can tell you these mirlitons or as some call them Chayote, are 100% organic and grown wild in my garden. The vines are about 20 feet long and I grew them from two mirlitons we put in dirt and they grew into vines.

Chayote also known as sayote, tayota, choko, chocho, chow-chow, christophene, mirliton, alligator pear, and vegetable pear, is an edible plant that belongs to the gourd family Cucurbitaceae along with melons, cucumbers and squash.

We did not expect to have such a good season with them, but once these babies get growing it is difficult to control them. I have started giving them out to friends and family, sending family members home with a dozen at a time! We have so many of them.

I have used some in my salsa and even hot sauce, it is great vegetable to grow and has plenty of uses in the kitchen. The leaves of the mirliton vine can also be used in a tea as the plant leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties. The leaves and fruit have diuretic, cardiovascular and anti-inflammatory properties, and a tea made from the leaves has been used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis and hypertension, and to dissolve kidney stones.

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I needed to make a nice big batch of salsa for the weekend, and both my wife and I were craving Salsa Verde, so here it is!

Salsa Verde translated means “green salsa.”

I like to let the salsa sit for a bit so most of the “bubbles” go away, but in the pic you can still see them.

Ingredients include: garlic, onion, tomatillos, green bell pepper, serranos, jalapenos, green cayenne, lime etc… Most of the peppers I use are homegrown and are absolutely delicious.

While many in my family love my Salsa Roja (red salsa) I get more compliments on the Salsa Verde. Not sure why, but that’s the case. If you are planning on bringing salsa to a party, make sure to bring some green to shake things up a bit. Most people are used to red salsa, but once you taste the green salsa it is hard to stop eating it!

My “Salsa Verde” is not as hot as my habanero salsa since the hottest pepper used is Green Cayenne, but it is nice and tangy with the lime and the hot is just right for those who don’t want the intense habanero heat.

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How about some jalapenos

Yesterday I got the urge for Jalapeno Poppers. I know I know, not the best thing for you health-wise, but man do they taste good! If you have never had them, Jalapeno Poppers are basically peppers stuffed with cheese, breaded, and then lightly fried. While it may not be gourmet food, they are quite tasty to those who enjoy peppers and cheese, who doesn’t?

Here is a picture I took after breading a few. You can see the fresh jalapenos stuffed with cheese, as well as, the breaded jalapenos poppers ready to be fried! I picked out only the best and biggest jalapenos to cook.

I made up my own recipe for these, but you can alter it to your liking or if you want to use other types of cheese.

Jalapeno Poppers Recipe

12 fresh jalapenos
3 eggs
1 c. grated cheddar
1 c. queso Mexican cheese
2 tsp. Tapatio hot Sauce
Bread Crumbs

Vegetarians can use egg substitute and a vegan cheese!

1. Wash jalapenos and slice length-wise and remove stem and seeds.
2. Mix cheeses and hot sauce together and stuff the jalapenos
3. Crack open eggs and lightly beat in bowl…
4. Pour bread crumbs in another bowl
5. Coat jalapenos in eggs and then roll in bread crumbs. Repeat twice for thick breading.
6. Heat oil to 325 and lightly fry until golden brown on all sides

The Jalapeno Poppers in my photos are actually quite large, I picked out Jalapenos that all measured 4 inches or more. You can use smaller peppers if you want, and you can substitute cheese type for your favorite cheese.

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Dehydrate Dude!

How to dehydrate peppers properly

Dehydrating peppers is the best way to keep them for when you need them. I do not like frozen vegetables or fruits, and peppers fall into that category as well. My garden produces too many peppers to let them go to waste, so I have made it a habit to dehydrate them during the season and this gives me a never-ending supply of peppers all year round.

Here is a picture of the hot peppers I set to dehydrate this morning. The peppers included are: serranos, green cayenne, red & green jalapenos, habaneros etc…

I spent part of my morning cutting up quite a few hot peppers. To dehdrate peppers quickly, I wash and clean them first. Then slice them in half and spread them out on the dehydrator racks.

Depending on the heat setting and type of dehydrator these peppers can be done in less than 24 hours if you need them fast. You want the temperature around 125° and dehydrate them for at least 6 hours until they are fully dried.

How to make pepper powder from dehydrated peppers

Use a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle to grind your peppers into a fine powder. Make sure your peppers are fully dried and dehydrated before grinding them up into pepper.

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Car Dealership Swooper Signs Drive Sales

Car Dealerships often have sales and promotional offers to drive traffic. At the start if each model year dealers want to tout their new cars and at the end of each year they want to clear-out last year’s models for the incoming models. So they need great signage to draw attention to their lots. Often times, several dealers are located close to one another in a sort of “dealer’s row”, so it is especially important to get you lot noticed by passersby and car buyers alike.

Car Dealer Flags help draw attention to lots as people drive by; perhaps trying to figure out which lot they wish to check out first. A sign that declares great deals, better interest rates, or an option to lease may be what encourages someone to check out a particular lot.

Promotional Flags are a great way to show people who are cruising car lots which cars have the best mileage or offer the most options. Or, if the dealership is offering a special event such as lower interest rates than usual, promotional flags shout it out in bold lettering and bright colors.

Swooper flags set out along the perimeter of a lot help draw driver’s attention to lots with their tall presence and snappy bright colors. Generic terms like “Sale!” or “Great Prices”, or perhaps “Buy here, Pay here!” can be printed bold and proud on the signs. And car dealer’s names can be printed on them, too. You can even have both types done and alternate them from car to car along the perimeter of the lots.

Feather Flags

The great thing about promotional signs is that once they are acquired by a dealership they can be used from time to time for years to come, which really helps with advertising costs. The swooper signs are built with a sturdy construction so they last for years too. Indeed, the shape of the sign and the frame allows the sign to flutter in soft breeze or spin in a harder wind with no damage to the sign. The spinning of the sign may actually be an added benefit that draws the eyes of passersby to your lot. The other car dealers who perhaps used less advantageous signage may take note of your success with better signage that drives your sales.

These flags retain their shape and the printed vinyl will not be damaged by the weather due to the eco-solvent ink that stands up to inclement weather. The frame keeps the printed area uncurled so that passersby can easily read the dealership’s name or promotion. When you are finished using the sign it can be easily broken down and stored in its own carrying case between sales and promotions.

Check out the variety of promotional options with swooper signs for your dealership. If you are unsure of the potential, start with a generic sign. You will notice an increase in traffic on your lot. You can then order specially printed swooper signs with your dealership name or special deals unique to your lot and watch your sales climb ever higher.

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Growing Some Peppers

Wow, this year has been great for peppers. Over the past 2-3 days the weather has started to really change and the temps are dropping outside as the cool season approaches, but my plants are producing more and more habaneros every week. Not even sure how many plants I have at this time, but I know I have picked buckets of habanero peppers.

Here is a picture of a bowl of habaneros I dumped out before slicing them up and getting them ready to be dehydrated.

One of the main problems about growing so many peppers is how to store them for long term?

Well, the best way is to dry them. You can then either store them in jars or simply grind them up into a powder and use a pinch of habanero powder in your favorite meal!

The good thing is I have taken a lot of pictures and have plenty more to post, so check back tomorrow for more.

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Search Referrals

Not surprisingly, #1 for poodle fitness at Google.

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